Blots turned into Art

These are the compilation of my paintings, inspired by some memories, people or other artists’ creative works, as well.

The pieces posted here are for sale.
If any of these created an impression or impact on you, you may contact me here for the price and method of framing and delivery.

Artworks for sale:

90cm x 60cm
Cold cobalt winter
50cm x 60cm
Golden Harvest
50cm x 60cm
Breeze Away
50cm x 20cm
50cm x 60cm
Hazy hyacinth sunset
50cm x 60cm
50cm x 60cm
50cm x 20cm
Golden Autumn
50cm x 60cm
Beyond the Palms
60cm x 40cm
Sunny summer in a purple dream
50cm x 60cm
50cm x 60cm
Rain of Amber
50cm x 20cm
Blown into spring
50cm x 60cm
Cerulean surf
40cm x 30cm

List per medium


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