When a pen strikes the paper, or the paint is brushed onto the canvass; 

When the shutter captures the light, or the eyes perceive the spectrum of hues;

Sometimes, we simply want to leave a mark or footprint. 

Similar to paintings, songs or books, this website is one form of contributing to the pool of ideas that I consider to be worth sharing.

All photos are purposely heavily watermarked. Even though there is a long debate on the proper watermarking rules, I still believe it is the owner’s prerogative how to do so. And so is the viewer’s right to judge according to what he/she perceives. But kindly contact me in case of intending to re-use.

I would love to read your impressions on my work, so please feel free to comment on the page itself.

Thanks for visiting my website.

Carpe diem!

~ egipot

(shutter blot)

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