Portugal: Caparica, Lisbon, Sintra, Cascais

  • Few plans and many spontaneous encounters with the locals and foreign residents.
  • Took multiple classes – surfing, Pastel de Nata baking, natural cosmetics fomulation.
  • Walked by the sea, forests with cork trees, ate berries directly from the bushes (edible and safe ones, as recommended by our adventurous guide), city’s busy streets and markets, bookstores and museums.
  • Had lunch in a local restaurant of a world champion biker.
  • Experienced passionate Fado performance.
  • Brought home souvenirs – few books, some sardine cans, hundreds of photos and priceless conversations.
  • Many of those stories, I’d keep for myself as my own precious treasures. But hoping that you get to glimpse from my eyes by sharing these photos, knowing that a year ago, before the pandemic crisis, I was once in these magnificent places, marveling at the history of this country, spinning in all those strong wipe outs and in awe of the presently diverse and preserved culture.

This is one of the best trips of my life so far. Obrigada, Portugal!


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